Octopus’s garden

Breakfast ideas for kids - Octopus's Garden

One of Crackers’ favourite songs is The Octopus’s Garden by The Beatles. I’d been thinking about doing something with a marine theme for a while and a chance starfruit finding at the supermarket sealed the deal. The beauty of this theme is that you can make it whatever you want, using whatever happens to be in season. As long as you have the star of the show – the octopus – you’re set. The best part is this little guy is made out of dried apricots, which never go out of season!

What you will need:
Obviously you can tweak this however you like, but we used:

  • a plate or serving platter with a solid colour for the background (blue, white or green would work well here)
  • octopus: dried apricot (cut into strips for the legs), cream cheese and currants for eyes
  • submarine: banana and sultanas
  • clownfish: rockmelon, cream cheese for stripes, cream cheese and currant for eye, blueberry bubbles
  • ‘triangle’ fish (no idea what these are actually called): rockmelon, cream cheese, currant
  • mandarin fish (now I’m really getting technical with my fishy names): mandarin, rockmelon for fins and tail, cream cheese and currant for eye, blueberry bubbles
  • seaweed: kiwi fruit
  • starfish: starfruit
  • sand: rockmelon

Making Octopus's Garden



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