Kids breakfast ideas - pear-cupine


The beauty of this little guy is his simplicity – and the fact that he’s very hands-on for toddlers. We used matchsticks rather than toothpicks to avoid turning little fingers into pin cushions!

What you will need:

  • a ripe beurre bosc (brown) pear (try to pick one with a reasonably pointy ‘end’)
  • half a rockmelon
  • two currants
  • a sultana
  • lots of matchsticks

1. Cut the underside of the pear so you have a flat surface on the bottom.
2. Using a matchstick, push the currants into the pear to make the eyes.
3. Push a sultana onto the stalk to make the nose (you might have to cut the stalk down a bit if it’s too long).
4. Cut your rockmelon into triangles and attach them to your pear using the matchsticks.

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