Moo-tastic bread cow

fun food for kids - cow

This week Crackers said he wanted to make a cow, so we Googled a few cartoon cows and this is what we came up with. I cut out all the various pieces for him, took a photo and then helped him piece it back together like a jigsaw puzzle. This photo is the original. The reconstructed version looked something vaguely kinda like this… if you turned your head slightly sideways! In any case, Crackers had a lot of fun putting it back together! Here’s how we did it.

What you’ll need

  • two slices of white bread
  • at least five olives
  • a slice of ham
  • a slice of deli-style roast beef
  • a slice of cheese
  • two currants
  • a sprig of parsley
  • circle-shaped cookie cutter
  • sharp knife
  • chopping board



1. Cut the shapes for the cow’s head and body out of the bread. If you are clever, you could try to do the head in one piece but we used two pieces. It didn’t matter in the end because we used the ham to cover the join. The little cut-out bits at the bottom are where the hooves will go when you put it all together.


2. Cut out a big oval for the nose and a small ‘halved sausage’ for the inside of the ears.


3. Make the hooves by cutting an olive in half lengthways, then cut it in half again and cut a small triangle out of the bottom of each half.
4. Cut a thin slice of the end of two olives for the nostrils.
5. Cut two small ‘u’ shapes out of the olives for the eyebrows.
6. Combine the eyebrows and the currants to make the eyes.


7. Cut some brown ‘patches’ and a three-pronged ‘tuft’ of hair out of the slice of roast beef.

food art cow - horns

8. To make the horns, cut a circle out of the cheese using a cookie cutter. Cut the middle out of the circle to make two ‘half moon’ shapes and then cut the bottom points off the moons to turn them into horns.


9. Put it all together – don’t forget to put the sprig of parsley (grass) in the cow’s mouth!


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