There’s no such thing as a… Gruffalo wrap!

Gruffalo food artOne of our favourite storybooks is Julia Donaldson’s The Gruffalo. So we decided to bring him to life with a tortilla wrap, some chocolate sprinkles and a few lollies. Here’s how we did it…

What you will need:

  • a tortilla wrap
  • peanut butter (or nutella or butter)
  • chocolate sprinkles
  • pink sprinkles
  • a purple lolly snake
  • a green lolly snake
  • a couple of milk bottle lollies
  • two orange smarties
  • chocolate and white writing icing tubes (you can get these from Woollies)
  • a clean pair of scissors
  • butter knife

1. Search for ‘Gruffalo’ on Google Images, enlarge the image so it takes up most of an A4 page and print it out. Cut it out and use it to get a rough outline for your Gruffalo. Cut the shape out of the tortilla wrap using the scissors. We cut the left arm off here to simplify the design.Gruffalo outline 

2. Spread the peanut butter (or butter or nutella) onto your wrap so you’ve got something for the chocolate sprinkles to stick to.Gruffalo with peanut butter

3. Completely cover the Gruffalo wrap with chocolate sprinkles.
4. Cut out some small triangle pieces out of the purple snake for ‘purple prickles’. Cut out a ‘poisonous wart’ from the green snake and some horns and a big tooth out of a milk bottle. Using another milk bottle, cut out the smaller teeth and some pointy claws.
5. To make the eyes, dot little blobs of chocolate writing icing onto the smarties.
Gruffalo food art
6. Use the white icing writing tube to make the outline for the mouth and a nose. Cover the nose with some pink sprinkles. With the chocolate writing icing, make the outline for the arm.
7. Add all the lolly features. If you want to make the outline more defined, trace around the edge of the wrap with the chocolate writing icing.

“Mmmm, now my tummy’s beginning to rumble! And my favourite food is… Gruffalo wrap!”

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