Koala Santa pancakes


We decided to put an Aussie spin on Christmas pancakes with this koala Santa.

What you will need:

  • pancake mix (we cheated and used the shake and bake stuff but you can find our favourite pancake mix here)
  • one blueberry, halved
  • some strawberries (we used about 4)
  • nutella
  • canned whipped cream

1. Cook one big pancake for the face, two smaller ones for the ears and a small oval for the nose. Cut the ears so they fit nicely with the face.

2. Slice the strawberries and use the outer sections to make a ‘hat’. Add the blueberry eyes. Don’t worry if there are some gaps under your strawberries – these will be filled with the whipped cream in the next step.

3. Spread the nutella over the nose and use the whipped cream to make the band and the pom-pom for the hat. Once you have the nose in place, position the eyes low and wide so it looks like a koala and not just a teddy bear!



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