Wallace and Gromit

Wallace and Gromit food art
Lately we’ve been having a bit of fun recreating Crackers’ favourite cartoon and storybook characters out of food. Luckily this loveable inventor and his canine sidekick don’t have any crazy colours that are difficult to replicate with non-radioactive food items (anyone got any ideas how I might achieve Thomas the Tank Engine’s bright blue?? Suggestions welcome!). We had a cracking time putting this one together and we suspect that Wallace would be pretty chuffed that we made his favourite pooch with his favourite food – cheese!

What you will need:

  • a couple of large slices of white or light rye bread (we used Helga’s traditional white – it’s a bit more ‘off-white’ than your typical white bread)
  • five pieces of bocconcini cheese
  • four currants
  • a small piece of nori (dried seaweed used to make sushi)
  • two slices of tasty cheese
  • one date
  • one olive
  • a small piece of red capsicum
  • a 5cm(ish) piece of cucumber
  • a small circle cookie cutter (the bottom end of a piping nozzle also works well here)
  • food scissors/normal clean scissors

1. Cut Wallace’s, head, neck and ears out of the bread using scissors. (Wallace’s head should be as big as you can make it, depending on the size of your bread.) Cut his nose out with the small round cookie cutter. IMG_4055
2. Cut the shapes for Gromit’s head and body, and Wallace’s shoulders out of tasty cheese. Gromit’s head should be roughly the same size as Wallace’s or slightly smaller.
3. Using the cookie cutter, cut circles out of the bocconcini cheese for the eyes.Cut a small strip of bocconcini and then cut this into ‘teeth’.
Wallace collage 2
4. Cut the cucumber in half and cut a ‘V’ shape out for Wallace’s vest. You will need to cut the shoulders into a bit more of an angle but this can be done when you’re assembling it so you can make sure it fits with his cheese ‘shoulders’. Cut a ‘tie’ shape (see photo above) out of the capsicum.
5. Cut the date in half and bend the pieces to make Wallace’s ears.
6. Using scissors, cut Wallace’s mouth shape out of the nori.
7. Cut and flatten out an olive and, using the small round cookie cutter, cut out Gromit’s nose.
8. Assemble all the bits and pieces on the bread and cheese bases. IMG_4063


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