Christmas berry wreath

Fun food for kids - christmas wreathSunday is typically ‘Special Breakfast’ day in our house but today we had an early picnic catch-up with some old friends so our breakfast creation had to be done ‘on the go’ (hence the picnic table backdrop). Fruit shopping aside, the whole thing took a grand total of about seven minutes to pull together – which makes it a great candidate for a last minute Christmas centrepiece. The best part is you can pretty much improvise with whatever you have lying around. We used a round cake board for this because we just happened to have it in the cupboard but a plate would do just as well. We also pinched a bow off our Christmas tree and some mint from the garden as we were running out the door!

What you will need:

  • some green grapes
  • some cherries
  • a selection of berries (we used raspberries, blackberries and red currants – the currants were a bit of a happy accident, they just happened to be in our local supermarket and looked particularly Christmasy, so we thought we’d give them a whirl)
  • a round cake board (we picked ours up very cheaply at Coles a while back) or a plain-coloured plate
  • some mint (optional)
  • a bow (optional)

1. Start by making a base out of the grapes. You might need to cut the grapes into smaller bunches so they don’t appear too dominating.
2. Top the grapes with the berries, cherries, mint and bow and you’re done!

Crackers with Christmas berry wreath

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