Rainbow swirl fruity icy poles

icy poles - fun food for kids

These rainbow swirl fruit icy poles were a bit of a happy accident that we stumbled on a couple of weeks ago. We were about to move house and needed to use up the food in the freezer – which included four bags of frozen fruit from previous fun food activities. We also just happened to have some fresh kiwi fruits that needed to be eaten. So we chopped these up, threw them in the freezer and made these yummy, healthy rainbow swirl icy poles.

*Makes approx. six icy poles.

What you will need:

  • a couple of handfuls each of frozen strawberries, mangoes, mixed berries and blackberries
  • about 5 kiwi fruits
  • a snaplock bag
  • icy pole moulds
  • icy pole sticks (optional)
  • a blender
  • some paper towel

1. Chop the kiwi fruit up into small pieces and freeze.
2. Blend each of the fruits, making sure to clean the blender properly before you add each new fruit.
3. Spoon the fruits into your moulds in ‘rainbow’ order (strawberry, mango, kiwi, mixed berries and blackberries). Doesn’t matter whether you start with the blackberries or the strawberries, as long as you keep to the order. A bit of unevenness in the colours adds to the effect but if you have one colour that smears all the way down the side of your moulds when you’re spooning it in, use a bit of paper towel to wipe it off so all the colours are visible once they’re frozen.
4. Stick the icy pole sticks/icy pole mould lids in and put them in the freezer.

fun food for kids

Some tips!

  • You might want to mix a few strawberries in with the mixed berries so they don’t blend into the blackberries too much (ours became a bit hard to distinguish once they were frozen).
  • If your mini food critic doesn’t like seeds, you might want to strain the blackberries.
  • If you have some blended fruit left over, it makes a really nice sorbet-like snack on its own.


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