Dorothy the Mushy Pea Dinosaur

Dorothy the Dinosaur food art

A little while ago we asked our followers which characters they’d like to see us┬ámake. It took us a while, but as requested, here is Dorothy the Dinosaur. We dedicate this creation to our gorgeous little friends, Grace and Abi.

What you will need

  • a tin of peas
  • small tin of corn kernels
  • a couple of spoons of pre-prepared mashed potato
  • two olives
  • a bit of capsicum
  • some light-coloured cheese (we used provolone but Jarlsberg could work too)
  • zig-zag play-dough cutter (see photo below) or zig-zag scissors
  • small flower-shaped cookie cutter (see below)
  • hand blender


1. Using the flower cookie cutter, cut a flower out of the capsicum.
2. Cut some eyes out of the cheese and olives (use olives to make eyebrows too).
3. Use the zig-zag cutter to make the teeth out of the cheese.
4. Drain the corn kernels and warm them in the microwave.
5. Blend peas and warm them up in the microwave in a mostly covered container or a bowl with Glad Wrap so they don’t dry out (Tip: make them pretty hot because you want them to still be edible┬áby the time you finish!). Shape the pea mix into the shape of Dorothy on the plate.
6. Add mashed potato for her hat and hands and then add the capsicum flower, cheese and olive details.

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